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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a basic software application available to anyone with a Google account. It will not only count your website hits but analyze them in myriad useful ways. If you want to move beyond Google, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may offer an analytics program as well. Just be sure you’re aware of all of the freebie possibilities before you move up to a paid analytics service.

Ecommerce websites


The next step will be to set up an Adwords campaign. Adwords is Google’s name for it, but all of the main search engines offer an advertising program that gives you the opportunity to create “featured links.” These are those links that appear on the right side of the page, or nowadays sometimes at the top of the page, in internet searches.

Featured links also appear on websites one accesses, usually at the right side, or at the bottom. Typically, you, the e-Commerce practitioner, write the text of the link, and provide a graphic if desired. Then you select a daily budget (how much you are willing to spend per day to push this link), and list a series of targeted websites where you would like the links to appear.

The search engine’s featured link site will give you an enhanced analytics page that monitors links, click-through rates, conversion rates, and other useful information. Cost is minimal, and if the campaign is cleverly mounted, rewards can be substantial.


Programs like Adsense enable you to select other ads to place beside your content. These programs enable you to align yourself with like-minded e-Commerce practitioners and get commissions on their click-throughs and conversions from your site. Other search engines have similar programs.

More is available, but the price goes up, of course.

There are tools for analyzing your competitors and their web performance on the search engines. These can be invaluable if you’re involved in a rivalry with a similar marketer. Choose your keywords in a way that will give you a competitive advantage over the others in your field.

This can be done completely ethically. Keyword research tools can help you find the best keywords, and sometimes even analyze their potential performance before selecting them. Most who have done any SEO have run into machine-generated keyword suggestions that are off the mark because the machine that’s generating them doesn’t understand your situation at all.

Social networking tools are becoming increasingly essential. It’s no longer just a way of posting your family photos for your friends around the country, and around the world, to see. It has become a powerful marketing tool, something an e-Commerce concern just can’t afford to be without. Use a tool to maximize its positive impact on your e-Commerce venture.

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