Information and Communications Technology Advancements

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Starting with the Future

Over ten billion citizens have access to the Internet annually according to a report by the International Telecommunication Union of Switzerland. When using the internet, individuals tend to use Information and communications technology (ICT), a blanket term that describes all computing hardware and software being utilized today. ICT fluency is a valuable asset in modern society, and technology now plays a pivotal role in youth development as well as the current business environment. The younger generation will reap the most rewards from ICT advancement, especially in underdeveloped regions exposed to innovative technologies.

Putting ICT in Perspective

Information and Communications Technology encompass the computing hardware and software that is currently in use. As the desktop PC loses popularity among consumers, more people are finding online information with laptops, netbooks and other devices. Of ten billion online users, almost 70 percent of them access the Internet via mobile devices. Computers are even learning to talk to each other and manage homes and appliances through the Internet of Things (IoT). Engineers work tirelessly to develop new devices and applications to solve mankind’s problems. The rapidly changing technological frontier affects consumers and industries alike. Because of technology’s omnipresence, it is important that society educates people about information and communication fundamentals.

Literacy and ICT Applications

A report issued by the Mid-Pacific Information and Communication Technologies Centers expresses the need to ensure that all citizens receive ICT training. Contemporary citizens need to understand ICT to function efficiently and remain competitive. 70 percent of employers agree that ICT fluency is a necessary skill. These skills are also needed to function in academia, and in some instances, social settings.
ICT technical support staff members are in high demand as more technology permeates society, which needs these experts to maintain the hardware and software that people use regularly. Additionally, firms need technical support specialists to remain competitive the marketplace.

ICT Impact on Industry

Information and communication technology in itself has vastly alerted the information service industry. For example, a recent Pew Research Center found that 73 percent of American adults consider themselves lifelong learners, meaning that they actively seek out new information on a regular basis. The advancements within information and communications technology has had a huge impact on the information industry as these lifelong leaners are now turning more to their mobile devices for information, whereas in the past they would rely on books, television, newspapers and libraries. To compensate for this shift, industry leaders now focus more on digital publishing and social media.

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